Panic Bars near Fort Saskatchewan

A panic bar is the horizontal bar you see across exit doors at many places of business. It is a door-locking assembly that can be released quickly from pressure, allowing a previously locked door to open in case of an emergency. It is required by building codes on certain exit doors of public places. If your factory or store doesn’t currently have one or yours needs to be repaired, get in touch with Expert Lock Services Ltd. We have a panic bar near Fort Saskatchewan for you.

Our experienced journeyman locksmiths have the knowledge and experience to install or repair panic bars at your factory, office, store or any place of business. We can also service panic bars not purchased from our store, as well as many other commercial and architectural parts.

The Importance of Panic Bars in Fort Saskatchewan 

Most public buildings will not pass an inspection without a panic bar of some sort. Panic bars, also called crash bars or push bars, are usually located on exit doors of restaurants, schools and other highly populated places, but they are important for smaller buildings as well. A panic bar allows for a faster exit through a doorway, something that is crucial in the event of an emergency when people need to be able to quickly leave the building. When you’re ready to repair or install your panic bar in Fort Saskatchewan, Expert Lock Services Ltd. can get the job done for you.

We Have the Right Panic Bar for Your Business near Fort Saskatchewan

There are several types and styles of panic bars at different price points. We carry a wide range of panic bars because that will allow you to choose the best fit for your office, factory or store near Fort Saskatchewan. Aside from our panic bards, we also provide other hardware products such as safety lockout hardware, general access controls or various types of security locks for your business needs. You can rely on Expert Lock Services Ltd. to install and service all kinds of panic bars in Fort Saskatchewan, Sherwood Park and South East Edmonton. Contact or visit us today.

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